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Sundarban Tour Packages, Enjoy the beauty of world's Largest Mangroves

Congratulations to all of you, We provide best Sundarban Tour Packages, which will make it easier for you to visit the Sundarbans.  So let’s start the Sundarban Tour, Our company, Maa Laxmi Travels has been providing services to tourists from all over the country almost from last 10 years. Let us all know how we provide service to our tourists’ Sundarbans Tour packages. And how will you come from the beginning of this Sundarbans or from any place.

The Sundarban Tour packages, beautiful nature with best hospitality.

Sundarban tour (First Day)

First of all, In Sundarban Tour Packages  you have to come to Kolkata Airport From there, our driver carries almost 150 kilometers distance via AC car and lets you reach a destination called Ghadkhali. And from this Ghadkhali, you start your Sundarban journey through a houseboat. After seeing the jungle of the Sundarban for the whole day, tourists were taken to a place called Pakhiralay before the evening. Therefore, the tourists were also kept at the hotel there.  During the first day of the Sundarban Hotel, we arrange an event for our tourists. Some indigenous women entertain tourists by dancing. At the end of the ceremony the dinner supper is given, then they each go to their own room and finally this is the end of our first day of this package.

Day : 1  – Sight seeing  : gadkhali, Hamilton Bungalow, Gosaba forest, bird forest, pakhiralay, night stay at jangle site resort with local folks dance 

Sundarban tour (Second Day)

Then on the second day in the morning of 6am, with our staff tea and biscuits, every room is given to the tourists. Everybody is requested to come to the houseboat at 8am in the morning, then all the tourists should first get breakfast when they come to the houseboat. Let’s start our second day of Sundarban Tour Package Through the houseboat. After completing the second day all the route, our tourists came back to the same hotel. Where the tourists were kept on the first day. And finally this is the end of our second day.

Day 2 : Visit Point – sajhnekhali ( W.T ) crocodiles project, Pirkhali 1, Pirkhali 2, Bono bibi vhorani, Gajhikhali, Burir dubri ( W. T ) Near Bangladesh and back same hotel

Sundarban tour ( Third Day )

Then on the third day again the same way our staff gave tea biscuits to the tourists in the morning and everyone will requested to come to the houseboat. Then when they all come to the houseboat, first get breakfast then we start touring the Sundarbans through the houseboat After finishing the tour of Sundarban, We brought our tourists to Gadkhali and then finally the tourists were released by our company’s AC car to Kolkata airport. And this way we continue to enjoy our Sundarbans Jungle tour

Then why are you late? Come join us on this Sundarbans tour, our company will always be with you

Day 3 : Visit Point –  Sudhanyakhali(w.t) , No – Banki , Dobanki ( W.T ) , Netidhopani ( W.T )

The Sundarban

Sundarban Tour packages providing species such as the estuarine crocodile and the Indian python. including 260 bird species and the largest number of Bengal Tigers in the world.

Discover - Kolkata

it was India’s capital under the British Raj. Today it’s known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries and cultural festivals. 

Puri Jagannath Dham

visit Konark Sun Temple, Chandrabhaga Beach, back to Puri and visit World famous Jagannath Temple by our Temple priest then enjoy at Golden Seabeach & Beach market.


Sundarban is one of the largest tourist attraction in our country, most of which are water and jungle. The tiger we all know in the name of Royal Bengal Tiger, and this Royal Bengal Tiger It is considered as the largest and most dangerous animal in India and people of this country visit this Sundarban to see this royal bengal tiger.  Similarly the Sundarban is about 10,000 sq km, and the Sundarban  started in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Our company is the people who come from the country and abroad to travel to the Sundarbans, so that everyone can complete their Sundarbans tour in peace.Our company makes all its arrangements The best Sundarban Package Tour.

Thank you very much all of you…           

Special Attraction - Even more

1 Night stay at jungle side resort
2 Wildlife attraction
3 Visit watch tower & forest with trained guides.
4 Jhumur dance(local folk dance)

Welcome to Sundarban tour package from Maa Laxmi Travels ( The Home of Royal Bengal Tiger )

Date of tour is almost 2Night 3Days 2019

Minimum Pax : 20 to 100
Pick up : Kolkata Airport
House Boat : M.B Bagwati Non AC
Hotel : Aryan AC
Meal plan : A.P ( Breakfast + Lunch + Evening Snacks + Tea, coffee + Dinner )
Transport : Tata magic ( canning to Gadkhali ) 29 km
Per person rs : 4000 (Including meals, Sight seeing, House boat, local transport Hotel, Permission, Guide, )


Day 1 : Breakfast : Luchi, chana masala, sweet, tea , coffee,
LUNCH : Rice , Veg Dal, Chips, Veg Curry, fish Curry, Catni, Papad, Salad,
EVN SNAX : Chicken Pakora, Salad, tea, Coffee,
DINNER : Fried Rice, chicken Curry, Salad,
Day 2 : BREAKFAST : luchi, alu dum, Sweet, Tea / Coffee LUNCH : Rice, Dal, Chips, Veg Curry fish Curry ( Vetki), Chatni, Papad, Salad,
EVN SNX : Veg Pakora, Salad, Tea / coffee DINNER : Fried Rice, Chicken kassa, Salad, Day 3 :BREAKFAST : Luchi, chana masala, Tea / coffee, LUNCH : Rice, Dal, Chips, Veg Curry, Fesh Curry (Desi Katla), Pron Curry , Chatni, Papad, Salad, EVN SNAX : biscuit Tea / coffee

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