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The Sundarban Tour packages, beautiful nature with best hospitality.

1 Day Sundarban trip plans-

First of all, In Sundarban Tour Packages  you have to come to Kolkata, Airport From there, our driver carries almost 109 kilometers distance via AC car and lets you reach a destination called Sonakhai  And from this, start your Sundarban travel through a boat. After seeing forest for the whole day, tourists were taken to a place called Pakhiralay before the evening. Therefore, the tourists were also kept At the hotel there.  During the first day of the Sundarban tour, we arrange an event for our tourists. Some indigenous women entertain tourists by folk dance. At the end of the ceremony (Folks Dance)  the dinner, supper is given, then they each go to their own room and finally this is the end of our first day of this Sundarban tour package.

1 Nights, 2 Days, Sundarban tour-

Including 1st day sight seeing in Sundarban day tour Then on the second day in the morning of 6am, with our staff tea and biscuits, every room is given to the tourists. Everybody is requested to come to the boat at 8am in the morning, then all the tourists should first get breakfast when they come to the boat. Let’s start our 2nd day of Sundarban Tour Package Through the boat. After completing the second day all the routes, our tourists came back to the same hotel. Where the tourists were kept on the first day. And finally this is the end of our second day.

2 Nights, 3 Days Tour plan in Sundarban-

Including 1st & 2nd day all sight seeing on Sundarban package Then on the 3rd day again the same way our staff gave tea biscuits to the tourists in the morning and everyone will requested to come to the boat. Then when they all come to the boat, first get breakfast, then we start the Sundarban package tour through the boat After finishing the Sundarban trip packages, We brought our tourists to Sonakhai, and then finally the tourists were released by our company’s AC car to Kolkata airport. And this way we continue to enjoy our Sundarbans forest tour

Then why are you late? Come join us on this Sundarbans tour, our company will always be with you.

How to plan a trip to the Sundarban?

Love to travel in the winter, and the winter sun can be your destination this holiday Sundarbans, how to go where the Sundarbans or stay
  • The Sundarbans has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The world famous Royal Bengal Tiger is found in this forest The Sundarbans is also home to many species of birds, including deer, wild boar, crocodile, and forest rooster.
  • The view of the green forest as well as floating on the endless waters as well as the view of the wildlife makes this Sundarbans trip quite exciting.
  • From Kolkata you have to reach the Canning Station by rail or road. From there you have to reach Sonakhali by auto bus or Toto and from this  your tour package in Sundarban will start by boat, Sonakhali  can be reached directly by road from Kolkata
    Earlier, the Sundarbans tour package started directly from Canning, but due to the low depth of the Matla River, tourists visiting the Sundarbans were taken from Sonakhali.
    There are also arrangements for Sundarban trip packages from Kaikhali Raydighi and Gadkhali in South 24 Parganas
  • What to see in this Sundarbans tour
  • There are two aspects to the Sundarbans tour, one is the Tiger Project area and the other is the forest area of ​​the 24 Parganas
    Places of interest in the Sundarbans tiger project area are Gosoba Hamilton’s Bungalow, Bird forest, Pakhiralay, Sajanekhali Watch Tower Museum Turtle Pond Crocodile Pond, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Netidhopani Watch Tower, and many more
    And on the way to and from all these places, you can meet crocodiles, deer, wild boar, different species of birds, birds and if you have good fortune, you can see a Royal Bengal tiger.
  • Most of the tourists visiting the Sundarban trip, a tourist attraction of the 24 Parganas Forest Department, visit the Tiger Project area, but in addition, the 24 Parganas area has the natural beauty of the Sundarbans.

Where to stay when visiting the Sundarbans?

  • Many tourists visiting the Sundarban trip prefer to spend the night on the launch because of the beautiful lining of the river at night.
    There are also plenty of private hotels in the Sundarbans area like Pakhiralaya, Dayapur, which have completed three star quality from ordinary. There are even a couple of five star hotels here
    There is also government tourist accommodation in Sajanekhali. If you want to stay here, you have to book in advance from the website of West Bengal Tourism Department.
  • On the other side of 24 Parganas, there are many private hotels in the Jharkhali area for an overnight stay in the forest area of 24 Parganas. Jharkhali also has a wooden bungalow for tourists and overnight stays, Besides, there are government tourist accommodation in Kaikhali, but if you want to stay in all these government bungalows and cottages, you have to book in advance from the website of the tourism department.
  • If you want to visit all the Sundarbans well, it is better to take about 5 days with you, then it is possible to visit both sides of the Sundarbans together, but most of the tourists complete their  Sundarban travel in two or three days.

The lowest cost of a Suundarban tour package?

Sundarban tour package  at the lowest cost for 1 Day?

The low cost of a day Sundarban tour is 1800  rupees per person.

Here is the sightseeing of the Sundarban day tour – Sonakhali, Gadkhali,  Sir Daniel Hamilton Bungalow, Bekon Bungalow,  Gosaba Forest, Pahiralay, And back or stay with your choice 

1 night 2 days Sundarban package tour at the lowest cost?

The lowest cost of 1 Night, 2 Days Sundarban trip is 3000 per person

Visit point – Including Day 1 Sundarban tour Sight seeing, then Sajhnekhali Watch Tower  Crocodile Project, Sudhannya Khali Watch Tower,  Do-banki Watch Tower,

2 nights 3 days Sundarban tour package at the lowest cost?

The lowest cost of 2 Night, 3 Days Sundarban tour  is 3500 per person

Visit point – Including1 Night Day 2 Sundarban package Sightseeing, then Bono Bibi varani, deul varani, Panchmukhani, Jharkhali watch Tower, And back.

A list of food during the Sundarban package tour

Day 1

  • Breakfast -> 9:30 am – Luchi, Aloo Dam, Sweet, Tea/Coffee
  • 11:00 am – fruit – Orange, banana, then tea or coffee
  • Lunch -> 1:30 pm – Rice, Veg Dal, Chips, Veg Curry, Fish Curry (Vetki), Chatni, Papad, Salad,
  • Evening Snacks -> 5:00 pm – Veg Chowmin, Tea/Coffee
  • Dinner -> 10:00 pm – Fried Rice,  Chicken curry, Salad. 

Day 2

  • Early Morning -> 5:30 am – Bed Tea,
  • Breakfast -> 9:00 am – kachori, Channa Masala, boiled egg, Tea/Coffee
  • 11: 00 am – fruit – Apple, Coconut water, then tea or coffee
  • Lunch -> 1:30 pm – Rice, Veg Dal, Chips, Veg Curry, Fish Curry (Parse), Chatni, Papad, Salad,
  • Evening Snacks -> 5:00pm – Muri Masala, Tea/Coffee
  • Dinner -> 9:30 pm –  Fried Rice,  Chilly Chicken, Salad.

Day 3

  • Early Morning -> 6:00 am –  Bed Tea,
  • Breakfast -> 9:00 am –  Luchi, Aloo  matar Curry, Tea/Coffee,
  • 11: 00 am – fruit – Apple, then, tea or coffee
  • Lunch -> 1:30 pm –  Rice, Veg Dal, Chips, Veg Curry, Chicken Curry, Chatni, Papad, Salad,
  • Evening Snacks -> 4:00 pm –  Buscuit,  Tea/Coffee
sundarban tour

Our next Sundarban tour date -2020

  • September – 2020 -> 4th , 11th, 18th, 25th
  • Octobar – 2020 ->  2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 3th,
  • November – 2020 -> 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th,
  • December – 2020 -> 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th,

What will be included in your Sundarban tour package

  • pick & drop, Local transport.
  • Man permission with Jungle Entry Fees.
  • All Meals and hotel rooms, with folk dance.
  • Trained tour manager and government guide

How many tourists can travel to the Sundarban in one boat?

  • The boats have three types of capacity 
  • The first is  2-cylinder boats the government allows 22 people to travel to the Sundarban 
  • Second is 4-cylinder boats the government allows 35 people to travel to the forest
  • Third is 6-cylinder boats the government allows 45 people to travel to the forest

What kind of facilities will you get in a boat during the Sundarban tour?

  • Each has a Complete seating arrangement on top of the boat so that travelers can explore the forest
  • Inside each boat are some small and large cabins where passengers can relax
  • Each boat has two bathrooms, one on the inside and one on the outside and this bathroom is kept clean at all times so that tourists do not have any problem
  • During the Sundarban tourthe boat is fully equipped with food and drinking water

Is Sundarban safe for tourists?

  • Yes, The Sundarbans is a safe travel destination in West Bengal and a great trip in a short time, You can be sure of your safety while traveling in the Sundarbans.
  • During our visit to the Sundarban trip packages, all the workers who stay on the boat are trained, And during the Sundarban tour they keep full attention so that the passengers do not have any difficulty.
  • Each boat and launch are surveyed every year as per government rules, The survey means that government officials check the boat thoroughly and allow whether the boat is eligible to visit the Sundarbans, or not.
  • Before each boat or launch goes on a Sundarban tour, one trained government employee of the Forest Department is assigned to ensure that travelers can travel to the Sundarbans safely. And those trained tour guides take care of the travelers safely until the sundarban travelers return to their hotel.
  • We have enough life jackets in our boats to ensure the safety of our passengers.

Why would you take Sundarban tour packages from us?


We always try to provide good accommodation to the guests during the Sundarban trip

Sundarban tour at low cost

We do our best to provide Sundarbans tour services at low cost, and we are hopeful our travelers will love it.

delicious foods

Every visitor to the sundarban is provided with high quality and delicious food and we do this with great care

Customer satisfation

We try our best to provide the kind of service that the customer wants from us just through a phone call

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Sundarban is one of the largest tourist attractions in our country, most of which are water and jungle. The tiger we all know in the name of Royal Bengal Tiger, and this Royal Bengal Tiger It is considered as the largest and most terrible animal in India, and people of this country visits this Sundarban to see this royal Bengal tiger.  Similarly the Sundarban is about 10,000 sq km, and the Sundarban  started in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Our company is the people who come from the country and abroad to  Sundarban travel, so that everyone can complete their Sundarbans tour in peace. Our company makes all its arrangements the best Kolkata to Sundarban tour packages

Thank you very much all of you…           

Even more Attraction –


1 Night stay at jungle side resort
2 Wildlife attraction
3 Visit forest watch tower  with trained forest guides.
4  folk dances

Frequently Asked Questions On Sundarban Tours

The best time to visit the Sundarban boat tour is from September to March, when there is a kind of water vapor in the air which makes the air feel cold. Also during this time we face various holidays like Durgapujo Kalipujo Christmas..

Everyone should take a bed sheet and you should take clothes, soap and shampoo as per your need and most importantly, in addition to the medicines that you will take as per your need, everyone should have their own proof of identity, such as Aadhaar card, voter card, PAN card etc.

The low cost cost of a Sundarban trip is Rs 3500 per person non-AC and Rs 4200 per head AC?

The Sundarban is a Mangrove area in the delta formed by the confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna River

The forest is called Sundarbans because of the Sundari trees and those Sundari trees are a quality mangrove trees, in Bengali we call Sundarbans.

There are about 102 islands in the Indian Sundarbans and these 102 islands have 54 populations and 48 forests.

The Sundarbans is the ganges -Brahmaputra and Meghna Delta of the Bay of Bengal Sundarban is adjacent to the border of India, And if you want to Sundarban travel, you have to come to the South 24 Parganas of West Bengal. The Sundarban trip plan starts from here

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