Sundarbans, declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1987, is the world’s largest mangrove belt and has the largest delta, home to the world-famous Royal Bengal Tigers.

The place is a must-visit for all the people worldwide who enjoy spending time in the lap of nature and its absolute scenic beauty of it.

Sundarbans are home to a wide range of flora and fauna, including several species of birds and reptiles, and the famous mangrove ‘Sundari trees’ reside here.

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government had imposed restrictions on visiting numerous places of public interest, and the Sundarbans happened to be one of them.

Read this article below to know whether they are in function now and also a few other necessary information you need to know before planning your holidays there.

Is Sundarbans open now?

The Sundarbans is a place that tourists and visitors long to visit. The Covid-19 pandemic had set the world astray from seeing such a beauty of the home and the magnificent beast, the Royal Bengal Tiger!

The good piece of news for all the travel-lovers is that the Government of West Bengal released all the covid restrictions last year from October 1st, and the tourists can freely visit the scenic aesthetic of Sundarbans.

Not only Sundarbans but also the other national parks, sanctuaries, and tiger reserves found near the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve opened on the same date. You can freely enjoy the beauty of the place through various safaris and rides available there, which have also been resumed.

The place had been closed down in March when the covid surge had risen and almost reached its peak.

Best time to visit the Sundarbans.

The most suitable months that you could plan your trip to Sundarbans is between the months of October ad February, as you’re probable to get somewhat pleasant weather during that time.

The comparatively hotter months of the summer and monsoon seasons keep the area unsuitable for tourist interactions due to the waterway remaining flooded. This makes commuting and going around within the place difficult.

Things to keep in mind during your visit.

Even though the state government has permitted the traveling of any tourists and visitors, abiding by the COVID-related guidelines and norms, such as wearing a face mask, keeping sufficient distances from one another, and maintaining sanitary measures at all times, is a must for all.

Another pre-requisite imposed for visiting this place is the thermal scanning for the motor launch crew, and the tourist out there set out for the journey along the watery path of Sundarbans.

Apart from these, the wildlife wardens/ Divisional Forest Officers are also allowed to impose any sort of other norms for safety and hygiene, as it feels convenient.

Facilities at Sundarbans.

The Chairman of the IATO West Bengal Chapter declared that there are almost 70 forests and nature guides, over 52 hotels, and 52 tourist boat operators to aid the lifestyle and daily activities of the communities in the area.

The various doable activities at the Sundarbans include-

  • Getting a boat ride experience,
  • Taking long walks to enjoy the scenic beauty of the forests, especially known for their mangrove trees,
  • Relish the sight of dolphins,
  • Visit the various sites of tourist interest and spend quality time with your friends and family,
  • Enjoy the beautiful skies during the evening and nighttime, and
  • Get to meet various niches of flora and fauna and feel like a part of the entire environment there.


The Sundarbans are a beautiful place to get away from your busy, hectic schedules and everyday life. The mesmerizing aesthetics and the sound of various elements of nature will definitely catch your eye and make a home with you. It would be fun for you to know that the name ‘Sundarbans’ means ‘Beautiful Forest’!

The place has also been listed for the new 7 Wonders of Nature and, therefore, stands as a must-visit if you haven’t already!

Book your tickets to Sundarbans today and get ready to witness absolute beauty and wonder there!

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