Sundarbans, the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the world, is a place where nature and its components can be seen to flourish at its ultimate level.

It is a beautiful location blended with an aesthetic touch of various types of sounds and sights. A trip to the Sundarbans is a must and shall keep you amazed and stunned for a long time.

Many animals have become comfortable with the environment here, but there is a single species that can stand out from all others.

Read this article below to know more about the fauna you can get sight of on your trip to Sundarbans!

Sundarban National Park is famous for which animal?

Sundarban National Park is famous for which animal?

The Sundarbans are home to a wide range of flora and fauna and flourish greatly because of the same.

While a large list of animals can be found here, the Royal Bengal Tigers (Panthera Tigris) are the ones that make the place a remarkable tourist attraction for people all around the globe.

Tigers are found in abundance in this area. According to a 2011 tiger census, 270 tigers had seen their homes in the Sunderbans.

Due to the large number of animals inhabiting the area, numerous tiger attacks are often reported.

Other animals to expect from the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans support a wide range of biological resources, including about 150 species of economically essential fish and 270 species of birds. Thirty-five kinds of reptiles, 42 mammal species, and eight amphibian species exist.

You would not be surprised to find some species here which might have become extinct in some other places around the globe.

Apart from these animals residing here, you can also see some migrant water birds during their migration season.

Pack your bags and get going!

The Sundarbans, being a splendid location and a UNESCO world heritage site, should remain one of your top visit locations. Planning a Sundarban trip is not much rough work as many travel agencies can get you a great tour package.

You will be stunned by the beauty and everything the place offers.

Hurry now, and get ready to witness the renowned Royal Bengal Tiger!

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