When you’re a wildlife lover you cannot miss a place like Sundarban. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarbans forest is spread over a wide area of 4264kilometers and offers a multiplicity of tourist spots to visit and enjoy.

Whether you want to be mesmerised by the beauties of nature or get lost in the wilderness amidst the rich flora and fauna of the forest, India’s largest Tiger Reserve and National Park are open for you.

However, when you are in a place as large and wild as Sundarban, you need to know the places that are absolutely unmissable here. Well, that’s what this guide contains.

In this article, we will be discussing the top tourist places in Sundarban that you should absolutely visit to experience the amazing place in all its glory and glamour while you are out on a Sundarban tour

Let’s get on to the list without any more discussions.

The Best Places for Tourists to Visit in Sundarban

Being a tourist spot, Sundarban is a hub for tourist sites and places. Now, of course, your time on the trip would be limited. So, you need to know the best spots to visit to use your time in the best ways possible.

Well, here is your online Sundarban tour guide to help you know all the places that you absolutely cannot miss out on when you’re in Sundarban.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Situated right near to the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, (a place that doesn’t need a mention on the list, if you’re in Sundarban, you’ve got to visit the tiger reserve, that’s a major attraction! Period.) the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is equally a place for wildlife and nature lovers.

Equally as good as the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is perfect for bird watching and sightseeing while you take in the pure air of the natural surroundings in midst of the rich flora.

The bird sanctuary is full of blithe and lively birds and you could spot species like Peechkali, Gomti, Egrets, Herons, and the like. It’s mesmerising to see the flocks around you, chirping and singing their own songs and rhythms and enjoying their natural vibes in the beautiful forest.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Situated in close proximity to the Sajnekhali Watch Tower, which is again a great tourist spot to visit in Sundarban, the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is a picturesque location in Sundarban. The morning time is the best time to climb this watch tower and take in the panoramic view of the entire Sundarban forest and tiger reserve.

You’d love the gorgeous sight of the rich fauna that can be spotted from the tower. Most of the tigers in the Sundarban forest are visible from this watch tower. In addition to tigers, you can also spot other species of reptiles, ants, deers, lizards, boars, and crocodiles from the tower.

The tower is also rich with flora due to the small botanical project of the mangroves on the watch tower. Additionally, there is a pond visible from the tower where you can see the animals coming down to relax and drink water.

The sight is soothing and relaxing and you can have your own sweet time enjoying the view from the tower. However, you must know that the time you’d have here would be quite limited as the tower can only hold 25 people at a time and you’ve got to give other people the chance to enjoy the sight and view too.

Netidhopani Watch Tower

Netidhopani Watch Tower

This is another watch tower on the list of the best tourist places in Sundarban and not just for the picturesque view but its legendary tale. The legend has it that Netidhopani was a woman who Behula spotted on the very shore of the place that’s named after the woman today. The woman was blessed with the art of bringing life back through verses. As Behula was passing through the river to bid a final goodbye to her dead husband, she saw Netidhopani performing her art on a little boy who was annoying her as she tried doing her laundry. Beluha knew that she was the woman who could help bring her husband back and she did.

The place is also known for the famous ruins of a 400 year old Shiva temple. It’s also the place where Behula found nirvana.

One can also find sweet water pond around the watch tower and a road that guards the entire area.

With this legend and the traditional Shiva temple, this place has a cultural significance and gives region to why Sundarban is a heritage site. One can see history etched within the place and that gives it its importance.

So, you absolutely cannot miss out on visiting the Netidhopani Ghat and Watch Tower on your trip to Sundarban.

In addition to these three places, there’s the Sundarban National Park and Tiger Reserve which is the major attraction of the place and all the reasons to visit Sundarban in the first place. The Mangrove Eco Park, a small botanical project on the Sudhanyakali Watch Tower is also a great spot to see in Sundarban. Some more places of attraction are the Tin Kona Island, Sagar Lighthouse, Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Hiron Point, and Bharat Sevashram Sangha Temple.

Every tourist place has a different story to tell, a different experience to offer. So, visit all you can on your trip.

Final Words

This was a short and quick brief about the best tourist places in Sundarban. Every place in Sundarban is great and beautiful in a unique way. The place is lovely to visit and full of experiences.

We hope this short guide was helpful and will be useful in making your trip quite more memorable.

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