Day 1 Sundarban tour details

7: 30 AM – Our first reporting time pick up point from Sealdah public bustand and  from there tourist will be brought to Sonakhali by AC vehicl and departure time is 8:30 to 9:00 AM.

9:00 Am – our second reporting time pick up point from Canning railway station  from there tourist will be brought to Sonakhali by local transport ( Auto ) and departure time is 9:30 AM.

10:00 AM – Tourist will leave for the Sundarban tour by houseboat via river way 

10:10 AM – Breackfast with tea or coffee

12:00 PM – Tourist will land at Gosaba and walk there to visit Rabindranath Tagore’s bungalow and Mr. Hamilton’s bungalow

12:30 PM – Fish fry & veg fry with tea or coffee

1:00 PM – Tourist will see Gosaba forest ( Local Forest )

2:00 PM – Lunch

2:30 PM – Tourist will see Sajnekhali forest and this is the open mangrove forest

3:00 PM – food ( Coconut water )

4:00 PM – Tourist will see bird forest ( with coffee & biscuits )

4;30 to 5:00 Pm – Tourist will land at Pakhiralay and night stay at this pakhiralay through the hotel rooms

6:00 PM – Evening snacks

7:00 AM – tourist will see the local folk dance with tea or coffee

9:30 PM – Tourist will be served dinner at the hotel’s dining hall


Day 2 Sundarban trip details

Morning 6:00 AM – Tea and biscuits will be served to tourists in each hotel room

6:45 AM – Tourist will check out of the hotel 

7:00 AM – Tourists will start Sundarban boat Safari through houseboat. with Govt tourist Guide

8:00 Am – Tourists will land at Sajhnekhali Watch Tower ( Crocodile project )

8:30 AM – Tourists will again restart sundarban boat safari through a variety of rivers like Matla river, Vidya river, and together it will cover many small island like Pirkhali, gazikhali, Banbibi Varani, Deul Varani,

9:30 Am – Breakfast time with tea or coffee

10:00 AM – Tourist will land at Sudhyannkhali Watch Tower, and through this Watch Tower, spotted deer, crocodiles, wild boars, water monitors, lizards, different kinds of birds and if your lucky, it may be possible to see the royal Bengal Tiger.

11:30 AM – Fish fry or veg fry with tea

1:00 PM – Tourist land at Do-Banki Tiger Reserve Area & Watch Tower. there is an bridge of about 900 meters surrounded by nets on both sides, and this mesh enclosure gives you a chance to to sae wildlife

2:00 PM – Lunch

3:00 PM – Food ( Orange )

5;00 PM – The Sundarban trip package will end

9:00 PM – Tourists will reach kolkata

Please Note :- all of your meals throughout the day will be served on this houseboat,

Sundarban tour with foods Menu Details

DAY – 1

10:00 AM Breakfast :- Bread omlet with tomato sauce, , Sweet, banana 1 pis, Tea.
12:30 PM Snacks :- Fish fry ( amudi chuno ) Or veg, tea,
2:00 PM Lunch :- Rice, veg dal, Potato fry, Vegetable, fish curry or chicken curry,  Papad, Chatni, salad,
3:00 PM Food-  Coconut water 1 pis
4:00 PM –coffee & biscuits
6:00 PM Evening snacks :- egg chowmine, veg chowmine, Coffee,
7:00 PM – Coffee,
9:30 PM Dinner :- Fried Rice, chicken curry, Salad.

DAY – 2

6:00 AM :- Bed tea, Biscuit.
9:30 PM Breakfast :- Luchi, Vegetable, Or,  Bread butter, boiled egg egg 1 pis, banana, Tea.
11:30 AM Snacks :– Fish fry or veg fry with tea
2: 30 PM Lunch :- Rice, Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Desi katla 1 pis ( Fish Curry ) or Chicken Curry, Chatni, Salad,papad,
3:00 PM – Food ( Orange )
4:30 PM –coffee & biscuits

What will you bring

  • Be sure to bring your own medicine as needed
  • Everyone must bring proof of identity and two copy of passport size photo
  • Cameras like watching distant animals
  • For foreigners, it is very important to collect the original passport
Sundarban tour package

KOVID - 19 Terms for Sundarban tourist

  • Past thermal screening will be tested before the tour start
  • The company will provide hand sanitizers amd masks to everyone,
  • tourists can bring mask and hand sanitizers separately for themselves if they feel like it
  • Hotels room and houseboat will be sanitized every morning and night
  • Everyone has to travel at their own distance