Sundarban is one of the most wonderful and scenic places in India. Located in the eastern part of the country, it is well known for its impressive mangroves and wildlife. If you’re planning a trip to Sundarban anytime soon, make sure to know all the basics so that you can have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. In this blog, we’ll outline everything you need to know about visiting Sundarban, from how to get there to what to do once you’re there.

We’ll also provide tips on where to stay and eat, and tell you about some of the best tour operators in the area. So don’t wait any longer – start planning your Sundarban tour package today!

Sundarban Tour Guide

When planning a package tour from Kolkata to Sundarban, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the essential details and guidance for your Sundarban journey. Sundarban is situated at an elevation of 7.5 meters and coordinates 21.9497° N, 89.1833° E. The closest railway station is Canning Railway Station (CG), while Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata (CCU) is the nearest airport.

Sundarban spans a vast region, stretching from North 24 Parganas to the Bay of Bengal’s coastal area. Multiple entry points are available for exploring Sundarban, with the most popular being Godkhali Ferry Ghat (South 24 Parganas). Kolkata is approximately 100 km away by road.

The nearest railway station is Canning (Local route), accessible via Sealdah South Division Local trains (no reservations required). The distance from Canning Railway Station to Godkhali is roughly 28 km, with transportation options such as buses, autos, and trekkers available.

Public boats for jungle visits are not available, so booking a private boat is necessary, costing between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 8,000 per day. Jungle visit permits require payment for

  1. boat entry fees,
  2. guide charges,
  3. traveler entry fees.

Package tour operators typically cover these expenses.

Food is another significant cost for travelers, as there are no en route hotels. Meals can be obtained from Godkhali or Gosaba before embarking on the boat journey. Alternatively, boats generally offer cooking facilities and staff, which you can use for an additional fee.

For overnight stays in Sundarban, consider finding accommodations in Pakhirala. Numerous hotels are available, such as United 21 Resort, Hotel Apanjan, Hotel Araam, Sundori Lodge, Hotel Mainak, and United Cottage.

It’s advised to bring essential medicines for headaches, stomach issues, fever, and other common ailments. The nearest pharmacy and hospital are located in Gosaba.

Sundarban Tour Guide – What you need to know?

Sundarban is a beautiful region in West Bengal that is well worth a visit. With its stunning natural beauty, tranquil atmosphere and a variety of popular destinations, tourists from all over the world flock to this area every year.

To make the most of your stay, you need to book a tour guide who knows the area well. There are also plenty of activities available on-site and sightseeing. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, try out the watch tower or national park. In short, Sundarban is the perfect place to escape the city life and experience natural beauty at its best.

Many things you have to know before making a sundarban trip.

If you’re planning to visit the Sundarbans national park in India, it is important that you know a few things first. The Sundarbans are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Much of the tourism is based on safari tours or boat trips to see the animals in their natural habitat. Make sure you know your visa requirements, health precautions and other important details before making your trip! You can also consult an expert for more advice on how best to enjoy your sundarban tour.

Special Dishes

Sundarban is a beautiful place and the locals know how to cook! Breakfast is a good place to start as the regular menu includes luchi/ kachori and aloo sabzi+ boiled egg. Amudi is one of the better known fish varieties from Sundarban and is a delicious dish. Crab mola is crab meat taken out & mashed into a smooth paste with mustard oil, burnt tomato, garlic, onion, chilly and googly kosha. googly is basically snail. Other local fish from sundarban are: Kan, Dantni and Molopia. So, if you’re looking for some delicious dishes that will tantalize your taste buds, Sundarban is the place to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical tour of the Sundarbans cost?

A typical tour of the Sundarbans costs between Rs. 3000-Rs. 5000 per person, depending on the package you purchase. More info on how much does a sundarban trip costs here

What is the best time of year to visit the Sundarbans?

The best time to visit the Sundarbans is during the monsoon season (July and August). This is when the rains will be pouring down and most of the wildlife will be active. The best time to go during the monsoon season is when rates for hotels tend to be lowest.

What are some tips for travelling safely and enjoying your trip to the Sundarbans

Here are a few safety tips for travelling to the Sundarbans:

1. Always stay hydrated and carry plenty of water with you – The Sundarbans is a beautiful location, but it can also be very hot and humid. Make sure to drink plenty of water during your trip and stay hydrated to avoid becoming dehydrated.

2. Avoid getting lost in the forest – The Sundarbans is a dense forest that can be quite challenging to navigate if you’re not familiar with it. Follow the basic rules of travel – map out your route, know the names of local landmarks, and stick to well-known paths. If you do get lost, stay calm and stay put until you can find help.

3. Respect the wildlife – Don’t feed the animals or make too much noise while you’re in the forest. The Sundarbans is home to a variety of endangered animals, including white tiger, elephants, gaur, sloth bear, crocodile, and more.

4. Make sure to take photos and videos while travelling – Not only will this help you remember your trip fondly, but you can also share memories of your time in the Sundarbans with friends and family back home.

How can I make sure that I’m getting the most out of my trip to the Sundarbans?

When visiting the Sundarbans, it’s important to be aware of the risks and precautions that need to be taken. For instance, make sure you have up-to-date travel advisories before you go so that you’re aware of any possible dangers. Additionally, hire an accredited tour guide so that you can get expert advice on what is safe to see and avoid during your visit. Remember that the Sundarbans are also home to many endangered species of animals, so please act responsibly and ensure that you do not disturb them in any way.


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