The Sundarbans, located in India and Bangladesh, is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Known for the Royal Bengal tigers that inhabit the area, it’s a popular ecotourism destination. However, with dangerous wildlife, rough terrain, and unpredictable weather, many parents wonder – is the Sundarbans safe for kids?

As a company providing Sundarbans tour packages for over 20 years, Maa Laxmi Travels receives this question often. Keep reading for our guide on visiting the Sundarbans with children. We’ll discuss the risks, safety precautions, and tips to make your family’s Sundarbans adventure safe and enjoyable.

Assess the Risks

The Sundarbans is home to many species that can pose risks, especially the Royal Bengal tiger. However, attacks are incredibly rare. Only about 100,000 tourists visit the Indian Sundarbans per year, and only a handful of attacks have been recorded in the past decades.

Crocodiles, and snakes also live in the marshes and rivers, but sightings are uncommon. The rough terrain and waterways pose their own hazards too. But overall, the chance of animal encounters or accidents is low if proper precautions are taken.

Use Licensed Guides

To minimize risks, licensed guides and boat operators are required for all tourists in the Sundarbans. Maa Laxmi Travels only works with highly trained, experienced guides with safety certifications. They know the forest intimately and are well-versed on precautions.

Guides keep visitors on marked trails during jungle walks, provide instructions for boat excursions, and supervise all activities. With a knowledgeable guide, the chance of accidents or dangerous encounters is greatly reduced.

Follow Safety Rules

All visitors to the Sundarbans must follow strict rules implemented by the Forest Department for safety. This includes staying in designated lodges, avoiding wandering alone, wearing dull-colored clothes, and refraining from loud noises or messes that could attract wildlife.

With Maa Laxmi Travels, guides will brief you on all rules and ensure compliance. Parental supervision is also required at all times for children. Following the safety guidelines drastically improves security for tourists of all ages.

Visit in Cooler Months

The climate can change quickly in the Sundarbans and get extremely hot and humid during summer. To avoid dehydration, exhaustion, and other health risks, especially for kids, plan trips during the cool season between November and February.

The winter months offer comfortable temperatures for jungle hikes, boat rides, and wildlife viewing. Water levels are also lower, allowing deeper exploration inland. Maa Laxmi Travels plans family-friendly packages during this optimal time.

Choose Child-Friendly Accommodations

Overnight jungle stays in the Sundarbans are rustic but safe, though some lodges are better suited for families. Maa Laxmi Travels uses a network of accommodations specifically selected for comfort, security, and amenities for younger tourists.

Lodges feature safe play areas, kid-friendly meals, comfortable bedding, secure fencing, screened windows, and more. Families also have the option to stay at hotels outside the jungle for quicker access to hospitals and other facilities.

Pack Properly

Make sure to pack appropriately for Sundarbans trips with children. Bring lightweight, breathable, loose clothing, hats, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and closed-toed shoes suitable for walking.

Pack anti-allergy medication, first aid supplies, hand sanitizer, bottled water, snacks, and waterproof bags to protect electronics. Guides will carry medical kits too. Having proper gear and supplies helps keep your family safe and healthy.

Try Day Trips First

For families uncertain about overnight stays in the jungle, Maa Laxmi Travels offers day trips to the Sundarbans Gateway points. You can take boat tours to view wildlife from a distance and experience the ecosystem without staying overnight.

Introductory day trips allow kids to learn more about the creatures and environment before venturing deeper inside the forests for longer periods. Based on your experience, multi-day Sundarbans tours can be planned when your family is ready.

Supervise Children Closely

Close adult supervision is a must for children at all times in the Sundarbans. Kids should remain in sight and not allowed to wander alone. Teach them to stay quiet, walk carefully, and not approach any wildlife. Make sure they know to alert guides immediately about any issues versus trying to handle situations themselves.

With attentive parental guidance and staying on authorized paths, the Sundarbans can be explored safely, even with kids in tow. But supervision is key.


While known for its dangerous wildlife, with proper precautions, responsible guidance, and close supervision, the Sundarbans can be an incredible destination for families.

As India’s most trusted travel provider for Sundarbans tours, Maa Laxmi Travels specializes in creating exciting, educational, and safe jungle experiences tailored for kids and parents.

If planning a trip to the Sundarbans with your family, trust the experts at Maa Laxmi Travels. Our child-friendly packages, experienced guides, and commitment to safety will ensure your kids get the adventure of a lifetime – securely. Contact us today to start planning an unforgettable Sundarbans family tour.

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