Visitors from all backgrounds are warmly welcomed to the majestic tiger kingdom. The educational journey to the Sundarbans can benefit the whole family, senior adults, and children.

The park’s biodiversity is particularly unique compared to the biodiversity of other Indian subcontinent national parks.

A Sundarban trip package removes all of the customers’ stress with a boat ride through the Bengal tiger habitat.

For those who love photography, the voyage through Tiger Land in the Delta is like heaven. The forest department’s permit enables the enthusiasts to experience the spirit of the jungle by spending a night on a boat, despite the fact that many tourists register their presence in Tiger Land every year.

Witness the boat changing colours from red to orange as you take in the breathtaking dawn and sunset to get a sense of the bloodshot night. The finest way to experience Bengali food and cuisine is while sailing and listening to the roar of Bengal tigers.

if someone has a deep love for wildlife and the natural world. An example of a location that exposes visitors to a unique geographical setting is Sundarban.

The mangrove forest serves as a walkway for tourists as well as enhances the beauty of the forest by shining through.

Furthermore, the Bengal tigers’ terrifying roar simply adds a frightful touch to an otherwise routine journey to the forest. Given that Bengal tigers prey on humans, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine them in the dense Sundarbans jungle.

The largest mangrove forest on earth is located in the river-filled region known as Sundarban. Over the years, the tranquil forests had been featured in the news for experiencing ebb tides and out-of-the-way adventures. The forest is known for being bordered by two of the world’s most populous nations, India and Bangladesh, still it has managed to keep its tranquility and is simultaneously calm and peaceful.

Reasons for going on a trip to the Sundarbans

However, the amiable Royal Bengal tiger continues to be Sundarbans’ top celebrity attraction. The Sundarbans are home to 400 more species, making them the most numerous organisms on Earth.

It is really challenging to locate a royal Bengal tiger at its habitat, especially with the hashtag “man eaters.” Even yet, if you wind up seeing no one while lazily lounging on the deck of your riverboat in the Sundarbans, your peace of mind would be granted by framing the encounter as a dream.

The Indian subcontinent is brimming with exciting wildlife locations at every turn, but Sundarban is one place that has distinguished itself as a teeming UNESCO world heritage site.

Along with housing the Royal Bengal Tigers, the forestland contains roughly 102 islets where a variety of small families reside.

Additionally, Sundarbans is home to museums, watchtowers, crocodile and turtle farms, and other attractions that give the area its unique vibe.

Planning a trip to the Sundarbans enables a traveller to experience both the natural paradise and the culinary heavens of Bhetki Fish, mutton, prawns, Luchi, crabs, and various fish species. In this dense woodland environment, foodgasm is best experienced. The best part is that since everything is prepared on the boat, visitors can customize their plates with different kinds of dishes while seeing the dense jungle.

The isolated region of Bengal is where Sundarban is situated geographically. Reaching this spot, which is outside of the cell phone coverage area, requires crossing numerous rivers. Undoubtedly, the area has been preserved by the magnificent stories that nature has to tell.

When you become friends with them, the residents of the adjacent villages can also be incredibly helpful and can tell you unexpected tales of their bravery.

This dense woodland region would be impossible to traverse in a single day. A ferry may be used to travel to this woodland area, and if one is lucky, they might even be able to see this royal Bengal tiger.

Accessibility in Sundarbans

People with disabilities must reserve an outfitter who provides specialised services that are tailored to their needs because Sundarbans National Park is an isolated location that is encircled by water. Rudra Nature’s Sprout Boat is one such choice. In addition to meeting the medical requirements of its customers, Nature’s Sprout provides trip packages for “differently-abled” people that only visit accessible locations. If something goes wrong, they also offer medical personnel and emergency supplies.

A permit and a current passport are required for entry into Sundarbans National Park by foreigners. At Sajnekhali or Kolkata’s West Bengal Tourism Office, the forest department issues permits. These arrangements will be made for you if you travel with a tour guide. Each boat must have a guide hired, and there is a boat admission fee for each park zone. If you’re travelling between November and February, bring warm clothing because it’s chilly and dry.

Expect hot, muggy weather from March through June, and rainy weather from July through September, which coincides with the monsoon season. Although it has been challenging to police, all plastic is prohibited in this area. Don’t litter, and leave your plastic water bottles and bags at home. Watchtowers are surrounded by fencing and frequently have noisy, raucous tourists inside. Most of the visitors stay at least one night in Sundarbans. To see more places, explore the villages on foot or by bicycle, do bird watching, and attend cultural events, extend your stay.


The Sunderban is where you should go if you want a unique adventure. There are different types of tigers, crocodiles, and Olive Ridley turtles in this region. You could also bathe in Gangasagar on Maha Sankranti. You might even go camping here for a tranquil experience.

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